JA Dating loves to unite like-minded people. So many people have found the love of their lives after browsing our site. If you’re good at writing, we’d like to have you join our team to offer fantastic love stories.

When it involves our articles, we’re searching for folks from all backgrounds to showcase their experiences with relationships and love. Before sending in any applications, however, there are some vital rules for delivering nice content to read:

– The most important thing is your content needs to be 100 percent original. It’s not nice to steal someone else’s writing and say it’s your own. This can lead to trouble, and it could very well get you removed from our site. If you’re someone who posts a lot about love and relationship advice, we’re not looking for you to rehash those articles here. If you need to see what we’re all about, please take a look at our previous articles here.

-If you’ve got samples, feel free to send them to us. Seeing your writing skills will allow us to see what you’re all about. If you previously never written about romance, we tend to still need to look at your work.

– We’re not here for posting bite-sized articles. Don’t get us wrong; small articles can be great for some brief reading, but we want readers to get engaged with your writing. We’re mainly asking for articles with a minimum of 700 words, but you’re welcome to write more than that.  

– With your articles, you are allowed to showcase your personal experiences in romance. Readers love it when writers make it personal with their own experiences. If you’re trying to keep your personal life private, we’re totally okay with it. Another kind of article that works well is fact-based articles. Sometimes, readers love an article filled with statistics and facts rather than opinions.

– Once your article is submitted, it might take a while for us to post it on the website. Once it’s there, please share it on your social media accounts. Showing your friends and family your writing chops is always a fun thing.

–  Nobody in this world is perfect. There could be a time when we’ll send your article back to you with some notes. Don’t feel upset about the situation, though. A simple article rewrite can make things better in a snap.

If you’re still looking to submit your resume for a possible writing gig, contact us here. We’ll get back to you ASAP.