At JA Dating, we are interested in helping you find your love story. At the very least, we want you to find the type of story you’re looking for,   whatever that may be. We are all-inclusive and non-judgemental and welcome anyone who wants to take a chance at love in the world of online dating. 

What Makes Us Different?

JA dating is a site where everyone is welcome. We know that not everyone is a social butterfly and we embrace that.  We are invested in your potential success and happiness. We encourage online safety precautions and privacy and we have plenty of tips and advice about creating a profile that is as unique and wonderful as you are.  

What We Offer You

Besides the protection, we are proud to offer a number of features that can help you, whether you are searching for your forever after, or just for some fun for now. Useful features include:

  • Intelligent matchmaking
  • responsive customer service
  • Profile Highlighting
  • Free Package
  • Searches for people in your immediate area
  • Money back guarantee

We are truly invested in your success!  At JA Dating, we are hopeful we can help provide you with the means to find the person you are looking for. We want to find that special someone to feel effortless and natural. And if you are someone who may find getting to know someone in person intimidating, then our platform can help dissipate the awkward situations of the past and chat online until you feel comfortable. Technology is the future of everything, including dating or at least finding someone, so we embrace and take advantage of it.

A Commitment to You

We believe in the tools that we provide for you. There are helpful tips on how to write an appealing online dating profile that shows who you are and highlights your personality and your best features. The better the profile is, the more likely you will be able to find someone who you connect with honestly. 

We’re so confident in our methods that we proudly offer anyone who purchases a paid plan a money-back guarantee if they are unable to find someone that you connect with and are left unsatisfied. There is also a free package you can sign up for or there is an option for a free trial that charges after 2 weeks, and there are different levels of paid memberships to choose from. All of these are an effort to provide our customers with the opportunity to find their happiness. You can focus on being you and letting your personality shine on JA Dating,

Why We Care

JA dating is a site that is committed to the happiness of its subscribers and offers both free and premium accounts. We also took the time to set up a system of dynamic support where you won’t have to be alone if you need assistance. We care because we want you to be happier than ever with your person forever. We believe in love, honesty, never having to settle down, and being here to guide you on your way towards reaching your romantic goals.